Borboleta Lashes the professional eyelash extensions that look, feel, and wear like your own beautiful lashes.

- Semi-permanent, last several weeks

- Great for bridal and special occasions and regular daily wear

- Water-resistant, shower and win worry free

- Come in various lengths, thicknesses and colors

- A relaxing procedure taking 45-120 minutes.


Full Set

Classic look: $135

1:1 extension to natural lash (most natural)

Volume look: $200

1:2 - 1:6 multiple lashes creating fans, attached to one 

natural lash. Customized to your preference (full and fluffy)

Hybrid look : $165

Mix of volume and classic to give wispy texture (strip lash look)


Classic $45+ (price changes based on lashes lost since last 


volume $55+ (price changes same as above)

Hybrid $50+ (price changes same as above)

New Client Fill

Starts at $65

Removal: $20

Removal from lashes not applied by us: $35

Deep clean: $35

For when your lashes need a little extra cleanse, from makeup or just feel like you need it. Can be added onto a fill

(requires extra time)

Eyelash Lift and Tinting

Eyelash lift and tinting: $70

Eyelash lift: $50

Eyelash tinting: $25

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